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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems | DDD Elecrtic & Alarm Service - Los Angeles, CA

Fire alarm systems are a key component in your total home or office fire alarm protection package. DDD Electric & Alarm Service has been installing and...

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Elevator Recall Systems

Elevator Recall Systems | DDD Elecrtic & Alarm Service - Los Angeles, CA

Elevator recall systems are just as essential in your total fire alarm system installation as the other components. The fire alarm and smoke and heat...

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Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems | DDD Elecrtic & Alarm Service - Los Angeles, CA,CA

To round out your total fire alarm protection package, DDD Electric & Alarm Service highly recommends one of its fully integrated emergency lighting...

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Welcome to DDD Elecrtic & Alarm Service

Fire alarm systems should be an integral part of every structure, whether home or business. DDD Electric & Alarm Service is your total alarm system specialist. With nearly 20 years of experience installing fire alarms, elevator recall, and emergency lighting systems, we are the professionals you can count on when it comes to installing the critical alarm systems for your home or office environment.

During emergency events, time is crucial. It is important to have installed in all of your facilities a competent fire alarm and emergency lighting system that does its job to alert and inform you of the potential danger. Elevator recall systems, which direct elevators to a specific floor during emergencies, complete this suite of protective alarm systems. DDD Electric & Alarm Service is your only choice when considering such a system.

Alarm systems need to be well planned and well thought out, prior to their installation.

All of the service and installation personnel at DDD Electric & Alarm Service are trained and licensed or certified technicians that know their business.

So, choose a dedicated professional as your fire alarm and emergency lighting systems provider. Choose DDD Electric & Alarm Service. We are dedicated to providing you with the utmost in protection. Call us today!

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