Elevator Recall Systems

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Elevator Recall Systems

Elevator Recall Systems | DDD Elecrtic & Alarm Service - Los Angeles, CA

Elevator recall systems are just as essential in your total fire alarm system installation as the other components. The fire alarm and smoke and heat detectors are the first wave of the advanced warning alert. But, following that, it’s imperative to have other systems active and in operation, such as an elevator recall system, to provide follow-up protection services.

These critical systems allow fire alarm systems to send elevator cars to a selected floor during a time of emergency. Elevator recall systems may also include heat detectors placed within the elevator shaft, and pull stations at each elevator lobby, along with other triggering devices. The entire system works together to provide you and your people the advance warning they need in times of fire emergencies.

These complex systems must integrate seamlessly with your fire alarm system in order to be effective. DDD Electric & Alarm Service has installed hundreds of elevator recall systems in a variety of environments. We know how to design and install these systems so that they are effective tools in providing your important people with the level of protection they deserve.

All of the DDD Electric & Alarm Service elevator recall systems are comprised of state-of-the-art components, both in the elevator car itself and the elevator control room. These series of modules and system relay units work together to summon and direct elevator cars to respond automatically in the event of fire or other triggered emergency.In addition, DDD Electric & Alarm Service can also configure your elevator recall system to perform other tasks, such as releasing fire barrier doors during emergencies.

It is this integrated approach to fire alarm and elevator recall systems that has earned DDD Electric & Alarm Service its reputation as Los Angeles’s premier fire alarm system and elevator recall system provider. Contact our offices today to speak with one of our experts. We’re waiting for your call!

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